terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010


Wanted you to feel a little of what I feel when I see your smile. Just a little of what happens to me when I hear your voice. He wanted to know what is really die when he felt the pain I feel when I think of bad things - for me - what is happening. You’d be sure how much I love you and I think that would leave no doubt in the air: I’m the only one who can and does so in the world for you. I love you with all my power of expression, I love you so bravely, so equal, so patiently … Never felt this way, I feel so different from others and so like you. Never cared principles, traditions or those things, but when I think I can be with you, my heart fills with hope and I have some memories so hot. I imagine such a beautiful thing, a spotless future. I wonder what it would be good and bad, I think of things that would be funny. When I think of us only think about it, nothing else. I remember when I feel a passion and want so much; I fill a fire that burns inside my chest, snatching all other feelings to become a great and unique thing. When I think about all along, I feel happiness, I feel tenderness and love, those you only see in older couples. When I think that anything can happen and does not depend on me anymore, the nostalgia almost suffocates and kills away, but then I fill you and if you were close, we would be one, my love. All I crave is that you only feel and understand what you have here. And who has the consciousness that this is not a passenger. You live it with me, and you will have the world. Stars. And how many particles of the universe you wish. There’s nothing in this world anymore than I can love you. And if I do not have me, I’d rather die. Nature will take good care of me where I am. But YOU are the single word; person and feeling that can make me stay.

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